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Dwelling Places—Pictorial Haiku

05.03.2019 - 29.03.2019

Dwelling Places—Pictorial Haiku Andrey Yanev at the Contrast Gallery For an artist born near the sea, who grew up gazing at the infinite expanse of sea and horizon where sea and sky merge, such an exhibition is not, at first glance, unusual. It is not for the first time that we see seascapes and incorporeal angels circling in the ‘Dwelling Places’ of Andrey Yanev. A master of aquarelle, characterised by a thriftiness of colour and a monochromaticity reaching ethereality, he once again shows us his world of tranquillity, beyond the hubbub of everyday life and the garrulousness of pictorial detail. The viewer will once again be convinced that Andrey’s temple is nature. However, this is merely the obvious reading of this exhibition and the world of Andrey. Outside it, and beyond the obvious, is the artist’s personal discourse on the meaning of life. It is not by accident that his pictorial ‘Dwelling Places’ are, this time, beyond the visible. With its unusual dimensions within our Bulgarian watercolour tradition, his landscapes and angelic visions resemble giant windows on the world and convey an undeniably confessional tale of Salvation. And if the horizon in the childhood of the artist gave birth to the passionate desire to reach out and touch it, his original watercolour revelations on display in the Contrast Gallery invite us to peer into his personal spiritual space, full of light, silence and eternal peace. A space beyond the commercial time materialising everything, a space where our guardian angels drift—incorporeal and drained of passion. Andrey Yanev’s ‘Dwelling Places’ are beyond fierceness and envy, as light and free as haiku. This is a rare ideological and confessional exhibition, reminiscent of the infinity of the world, beyond the obvious and its limitations in the obvious. Axinia Dzurova

Галерия "Контраст"

Избраната локация – ул „Цар Самуил” 49 не е случайна. Това е улицата на галериите. Никъде в столицата, няма толкова много галерии на една улица. Нещо повече, в съседните преки, освен галерии, има много антикварни магазини, ателиета на художници и арт студия. Това превръща района между булевардите „Витоша”, „Христо Ботев”, „Патриарх Евтимий” и улица „Алабин” в цял артистичен квартал. Наоколо всеки ценител на изкуството може да намери подходящата картина или антикварен предмет, да поговори с галеристи и художници, или пък просто да се наслади на досега с изкуството.


Andrey Yanev