Catherine Tomova


BORN: April 24, 1967 in Sofia, Bulgaria.



EDUCATION: 1990. Enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France.

MEMBERSHIP IN ART ORGANIZATIONS: Bulgarian Artists' Association.

ACCOLADES: 2016 Nominated for the Painting Award of Bulgarian Artists' Association.
2016 Shortlisted for the Alliance Art Awards.
2017 Artist residence at the Citè d’Art, Paris.

LANGUAGES: English, French, Bulgarian, Russian.

INTERESTS: Painting, Watercolor, Glass, Ceramics, Sculpture, Book Illustration, Fashion, Astrology,
Extra-terrestrial intelligence, Wild life and nature conservation.

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

EHIBITIONS: 1988 First individual exhibition. Sofia.
1989 Participant in the Salon d’Automne, Paris.
1990 Salon d’Automne, Paris.
1991 Salon d’Automne, Paris.
1992 Salon d’Automne, Paris.
1991 Group show Bulgarian Artists, Paris.
1992 One-woman exhibition, Bulgarian Artists’ Association Art Gallery, Sofia.
1993 One-woman exhibition, Apollo & Mercury Gallery, Sofia.
1995 Individual exhibitions, Sofia.
1995 Individual exhibition, Mona Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus.
1996 Participation in the International Triennial of Realist Painting, Sofia.
1997 Individual exhibition, Makta Gallery, Sofia.
1998 Individual exhibition, Galerie Gautier, Saarlouis, Germany.
2002 Individual exhibition, Cyclops Gallery, Sofia.
2003 Individual exhibition, Irida Gallery, Sofia.
2005 Individual exhibition, Artamontzev Gallery, Sofia.
2006 Individual exhibition, STE Gallery, Sofia.
2008 Rock Legends project, Seasons Gallery, Sofia.
2008 Rock Legends show, Municipal Gallery, Kavarna. 2012 Terra Animalica project, Rakursi Gallery, Sofia.
2015 150 x 210 - Individual exhibition, Yuzina Gallery, Sofia.
2016 Distances - Individual exhibition, Stubel Gallery, Sofia.
2017 Devolution- Individual exhibition, Contrast Gallery, Sofia.


I am drawn to and fascinated by space; actually by the inter-spaces in a painting. It is space and not the line or color that form an image. Space is what reveals the innate, hidden story in every painting. I have to find it, to discover what’s lurking behind the whiteness of a pristine canvas. Therefore, to be an artist is and open-ended experience. It is something with no beginning and no end; something that is just happening, subconsciously, instinctively, as a rush of emotions, as an electric flow of deconstructed images down my nervous system, able to rearrange and reshape without my will or control. That is why when I work I get inspired by music; it helps me stop thinking and start feeling. My most recent exhibition project concentrates around nonfigurative imagery. I am trying to delve into the mental spaces that require a special state of mind; to see those as a revelation and to make the vi

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