Evgeni Nedev

Visual Artist from Bulgaria, born on 3rd of May 1984 in the town of Gabrovo. Currently working as a menaging director at the Museum of ART in Gabrovo since 2012. Member of the Union of Bulgarian artists and as of 2016, chairman of the Gabrovo group 2016.

Solo exhibitions:
“Reflections”art gallery the quiet nest, Architectural-Park Complex “The Palace” Balchik, Bulgaria, 2017
“Paintings” Targu Jiu, Romania, 2017
“Horizons” at “Yuka” art gallery, Varna, Bulgaria 2017
“Ascention”, Sevlievo art gallery, Bulgaria 2016

Plein air symposiums:
International painting plein air “Bozhentsi” Gabrovo, Bulgaria 2017
International painting plein air, Turgu Jiu, Romania, 2017
Land art Festival, “Nezabravka”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 2016
Organizer of “Bozhentsi” painting plein air, Gabrovo, Bulgaria 2016
International plein air “miniature”, Turgu Jiu, Romania, 2016
International painting plein air “City landscape”, Sevlievo, Bulgaria 2016
International plein air for mosaic at Brashov, Romania, 2014
International plein air “Art ceramics” UBA Constanca, Romania joint UBA Gabrovo, Gabrovo art gallery, Bulgaria, 2013

Collective exhibitions
“Conditions” Hungarian Cultural Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria 2017
National exhibition “Veliko Tarnovo inspiration zone” Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 2017
Exhibition dedicated to the day of Gabrovo, Gabrovo art gallery Bulgaria 2017
International exhibition “Ludogorie”, Razgrad art gallery, Bulgaria 2017
National sxhibition “Landscape” UBA art gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2017
“Still life and interior”, UBA art gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016
International exhibition ”Eight biennial of the small shapes” Pleven art gallery, Bulgaria 2016
Exhibition of the newly admitted for specializations in Paris in 2017, UBA art gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2016
National exhibition “Friends of the sea”, Burgas art gallery, Bulgaria. 2016
Exhibition dedicated to the day of Gabrovo, Gabrovo art gallrey, Bulgaria 2016
Travelling exhibition “Art from the centre” for artists from Gabrovo:
- Bulgarian cultural institute, Prague, Czech Republic, 2016
- Bulgarian cultural institute, Budapest, Hungary, 2016
- Bulgarian cultural institute, Warsaw, Poland, 2016
- Dobrich art gallery, Bulgaria 2015
- Lovech art gallery, Bulgaria 2015
- Pleven art gallery, Bulgaria 2015
- Kiustendil art gallery, Bulgaria 2015
- Sevlievo art gallery, Bulgaria 2015
- Gabrovo art gallery, Bulgaria 2015
- Turgu Jiu art gallery, Romania 2014
- Kraiova art gallery, Romania 2014
- Kurtia de Arjesh art gallery, Romania 2014
Collective exhibition of the Gabrovo artists, Art centre, Pleven, Bulgaria, 2015
Autumn salon of the Gabrovo artists, Gabrovo art gallery, Bulgaria, 2014
“Gabrovo painters guests in Veliko Tarnovo” Veliko Tarnovo art gallery, Bulgaria 2013
Exhibition dedicated to the day of Gabrovo, Gabrovo art gallery, Bulgaria 2013